Why we should all Hug a Nurse

Hug a Nurse is a Nursing Student Mentorship Program that partners student nurses with qualified and professional nurses. Each year I mentor 1-3 nursing students and I have found mentoring to be very rewarding. Because the need for mentors has grown, (there are more students that need mentoring than I can manage alone) I decided to start the Hug a Nurse Program. This way more students get mentors, and more Nurses get to have this wonderful experience as well.

Each Hug a Nurse partnership will be unique as the nurse and student build their own definition of mentorship together. The goal is that the student finds value in having someone that they can talk to that understands the world of Nursing School and beyond. The following guidelines are provided as a starting point:

  • Initial contact should be made via email. Further arrangements to exchange phone numbers or meet in person are strictly up to each individual partnership.
  • Students will be recommended by nursing faculty.
  • This is a volunteer program. Hug a Nurse will never require students to pay for this service.
  • Mentors can request to take on more than one student, however, this program is not meant to add any undue stress to the mentor. This should be a pleasant and rewarding experience.
  • Mentors and Students can discontinue their partnership at any time. 
  • If the students require tutoring in specific subject matter that is outside of their mentor's subject area, Hug a Nurse will work to find a tutor as well. 
  • Have fun! You're probably about to make a lifetime friend.

We truly hope you enjoy your mentorship experience, and look forward to hearing some wonderful testimonials! 

Nikky Scott