Party in Pink!

We are pleased to announce our ND Inc. Giveaway Winner! Thank you for all that you do in the community. We appreciate all of your hard work. - ND Inc.

Hello, My name is Treva Brown (IG: @diva_Treva) In 2007, my family's world was turned upside down. My aunt, Julia Jones, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was a true trooper, and never once did she let us see her frown. In 2008, she was dubbed cancer-free, however, the cancer came back. In 2010 she was diagnosed cancer free again.Life was great until one day we received a call that my aunt had a bad fall and was admitted to the hospital. The cancer was found to have attacked her bone marrow, and our last fun memory of her was from Christmas. In January 2013, I was into my second year of my doctoral program at UNO. One morning, I received a call from another aunt of mine who, through her tears, gave me word that my aunt Julia had passed on. I'm thinking ":Why?" "How?" "She was fine" "Would she have been ok if she hadn't fallen?" "Would the cancer have gone undetected until it was too late?"

Fast forward to today, I turned my questions into a vehicle for answers by heavily pursuing research in nanomaterials and advanced microscopy techniques as a focus of my PhD dissertation. I began finding the answers to my questions such as how Chemo and Radio-adaptive therapies target the body as a whole killing off many cells, good and bad, which influences the negative results so many women and men see after these treatments. I learned that many times, though the cancer has been ablated from an area such as the breast, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're "cancer free" as affected cells can lie dormant for a while until they are recognized as a result of another incident (i.e. falling or tests for other medical reasons). 

That is why, through my research and collaborative research, researchers are coming up with unique non-invasive ways to treat cancer, for example - cancer cell targeting with gold nanoparticles which target the cancer cells but leaves the remaining good cells intact. However this type of research comes with a hefty price tag as the cost of gold continues to rise, and we as researchers can only work based on grants and federal dollars that are well-funded. This is why I LOVE hosting my Party in Pink Zumbathon Charity Event for Breast Cancer Awareness, and the money raised goes towards the breast cancer prevention research grant. I am able to use my first love of dance as a catalyst to raise funds, give back to the community and help the community. Various local businesses are on board who match donations and give items that we give away to the community and in turn, we hope that the community supports our local businesses that are present by patronizing them, that way we can keep our local dollars matriculating throughout the community. 

This is a FREE event for the ENTIRE FAMILY (all ages welcome)!!! All I ask is that participants wear their BEST PINK WORKOUT ATTIRE, bring a DONATION of any amount to support the cause, and spread the word! There is always a LIVE DJ, photo booth, ZUMBA from instructors across Louisiana, and numerous giveaways to reward participants for their generous donations! Last year was the 4th year I hosted the event, and there were 200+ in attendance from all over LA and MS. The event has been held in New Orleans, LA at the University of New Orleans for the last 3 years, but its inaugural debut was held at Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA in 2012. 

Party in Pink™ is a global movement dedicated to raising funds for Susan G. Komen and the fight against breast cancer. Through Zumbathon® charity events hosted by licensed Zumba Instructors, we celebrate and honor our friends and family members navigating breast cancer, and inspire them to join us in the fight. The event page can also be found on IG @uno_br_pinp_charity_event.

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