Definitely Resolving

How many of you have New Year's Resolutions? Most years I don't have one, or I resolve to not have a resolution at all. It was the comfortable move to make since I knew I wouldn't keep my resolution past February 1st anyway. But 2016 was full of so many horrible bumps that left excruciatingly painful bruises, that I thought maybe this year I needed a "few" resolutions just to keep me on track. Even if they don't all work out, I'll know that I had a starting point; and maybe that's the purpose anyway... right? To at least start somewhere? 

So, this year I'm Definitely Resolving to: (not necessarily in this order):

Get my house in order. Play with my kids more. Eat healthier. Drink more water. Pray. Get a massage quarterly. Take care of my feet. Tend to my hair more often. Keep all of my appointments. Work on my website. Start up the E-Commerce. Network! Walk my dog every day that I'm able. Call my friends more. Follow my passions. Exfoliate. Wear earrings every day. Mascara too. Yoga. Meditate. Relax. Find other options for medication. Enjoy life. Plan a cruise. Spend time with my husband. Pretend I can fly. Hang out with my sister.  Have wine with the girls. Sleep. Take care of these eyebrows. Teach my daughter to sweep. Find a show to watch. Keep up with the Women's basketball season. Take pride in my appearance. Sing in the shower. Sing in the car. Sing in the produce isle. Learn to sing, maybe. Call my mother more. Learn to make a new dish or two. Become a foodie? Control my spending. Make cupcakes for no reason. Watch the sunset. Go to my happy place, at least twice. Teach my kids that they can work for themselves. Get my son off to college. Stop texting and driving (because I could kill myself or someone else). Share. Schedule a photo shoot. Give more. Love myself. Appreciate my accomplishments. Be proud of who I've become. Keep striving to be even better.  - ND

Merry Christmas to all!!